Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Messages

For two people who met each other by pure chance, fell in love and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together, this annual event is celebrated with love, joy and celebration! This event awakens memories of past happiness and promises a better future. So on the occasion of your wedding anniversary, send your special wedding anniversary wishes to your significant other or to the couple who are celebrating this anniversary party!

During the wedding anniversary ceremony, the community of the married couple is placed under God’s word and blessing. Love between two people is a gift from God who created people. This thought determines the evangelical understanding of marriage.

In the wedding anniversary ceremony, the couple receives God’s blessing: May God accompany the couple in their marriage. Because it is anything but self-evident that two people, each with their own dreams and desires, life plans and stories, skills and blind spots, want and can enter into a stable and lifelong relationship called marriage.

Check out our selection of anniversary wishes below!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Sayings

Happy anniversary wishes message
  1. Let life be full of bright moments, and the achieved goals motivate for new achievements! I wish you peace of mind, determination and a reliable environment that will support you in any endeavors.
  2. Anniversary is a double celebration! Therefore, I wish you doubly happiness, love and health. Let family and friends support you always and in everything. May the added years be only a joy!
  3. Congratulations to your married couple on a wonderful wedding anniversary. Let the winds of betrayal and resentment never disturb the sail of your family ship. Happy sailing to you.
  4. We wish you a wonderful day, you will live a long time with happiness in time. May your life be cool, you are the best family and this is a fact!
  5. To a great couple on a special date: So big, so big! It’s great that you met once and decided to become husband and wife!
  6. You keep your feelings with tenderness For long bright years. Always love each other anxiously! Love for your couple yes advice!
  7. What a wonderful date Gathered us together here again! We congratulate you guys, May love grow stronger over the years!
  8. We wish you to keep up with each other, Do not know sorrows and doubts. May great happiness lie ahead, May luck accompany you!
  9. Your wonderful holiday, one for two, Time flies so imperceptibly, All the same bride, all the same groom, And so is selfless love.
  10. Congratulations on your anniversary sincerely, Live long and carelessly together. Fate has united your hearts forever, And the happiness of being a strong family has given you.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Sayings

A wedding anniversary symbolizes that a couple’s relationship has sailed through the stormy waters of life. Do you have a happy and sweet 1st wedding anniversary with your love! Don’t forget to send these beautiful wedding anniversary quotes to your loved one on the day of 1st wedding anniversary! Finding a quote or a message to express your love on wedding anniversary day to your husband / wife is not easy sometimes. You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve collected several of the best wishes for a wedding anniversary party, check them out! Get access to all wedding anniversary wishes and sayings.

  1. One year of marriage … and we are already celebrating our cotton wedding anniversary. The softness, the naturalness and the purity of cotton represent exactly this year spent by your side.
  2. It seems that life is made up of high and low. But in my life, thanks to you, my life is made high … and high! Happy anniversary for our 1 year of marriage.
  3. If our first year of marriage is up to the cotton wedding (pure, beautiful and soft) I don’t know what will await us for our two years of marriage … leather wedding! Until happy birthday!
  4. Our first wedding anniversary will only last a day, but the sweet memories of that first year will last forever. Happy Birthday.
  5. 1 year of love! 1 year of complicity! 1 year of madness! 1 of happiness! 1 year to remake the world! 1 year implementing new projects! 1 year of confidence! Happy Birthday !
  6. This very first year of marriage has been so amazing that I can’t wait to see all the next years that we will spend together. Thank you and happy 1st birthday!
  7. Our first year of marriage has just ended. 365 days of sharing. 52 weeks of discovery for two. 12 months of tenderness and surprises. It has been an incredible year in every way. May these next years of marriage be equal to this beautiful daydream. I wish you a happy birthday on our cotton wedding anniversary.
  8. While I am excited to be celebrating our very first wedding anniversary, I know it won’t be the most memorable. Simply because I know that we are still going to have dozens of them … amazing ones, completely crazy ones, exotic ones, epics … I can’t wait to live these moments of happiness with you. Happy Birthday !

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Happy anniversary wishes message

A husband is a life partner, a best friend. It is the person who supports you and helps you on a daily basis.
When a wedding anniversary comes out on its head, it is appropriate to send a beautiful anniversary message to your husband. But which text to write on this wedding anniversary day? Many men don’t particularly like romantic or romantic messages. You must therefore find an original alternative. We offer you some ideas for messages to send to your spouse. If you still have some doubts, feel free to use a wedding anniversary wishes and saying , share a common memory, recall a little joke or an anecdote that happened during your long years of living together.

  1. On this significant date, I wish a wonderful man an inexhaustible source of strength, pleasant occasions for activity, good health and consistently high results in all endeavors.
  2. I congratulate a real man on his anniversary and wish with all my heart great happiness in life, great luck, prosperity, conquered peaks and heights, strong love and extraordinary health.
  3. This day is another milestone in our path. I am with you, and I firmly know: I will not find a better one! Every day is unique. Every moment is like a century. Be always with me, beloved, my dear man!
  4. Today is our little family holiday! May all our hopes come true, may fate love and protect us! And may love always live in our home!
  5. I got the husband, no doubt, I have the best option! I want to love to tell you, And wish all the most beautiful Soul and heart!
  6. Darling, today we have a wedding anniversary, I want to wish you joy and crazy happiness. May this day bring you a good mood and joy! I love you very much!
  7. I would like to wish that everything that you undertake was brought to the end by you and eventually crowned with success. Peace in your home, family and heart.
  8. With all my heart I wish you health, happiness, and new achievements that you are striving for, I wish your family to please you, that you love and you are loved! I hug and kiss you tightly. Happy anniversary!
  9. How wonderful it is to be married, to love and be loved! You made me joyful, Content and happy! I will go to the ends of the Earth with you, My lawful husband. And many times I will say again, That only you I really need!
  10. On our wedding anniversary, I hasten to congratulate you! It is a great happiness for me to be loved and to love! For you to be the sweetest, sweetest on the planet. Happy anniversary, my dear! There is no better you in the world!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Happy anniversary wishes message

Your wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you are looking for a romantic or romantic wedding anniversary message to write to your wife … but you have to admit the little words of love and you, that’s two! To help you in your writing, we offer several small romantic texts to send to your wife on the occasion of your wedding anniversary. You can send it by email, SMS or write it on a pretty card that can accompany a gift or a pretty bouquet of flowers, and add this in anniversary day : Have your wife deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by a card where you can write a nice note on the occasion of your wedding anniversary.

  1. I wish you to be loved, desired, irresistible, dizzying! Health, luck, prosperity, fulfillment of the innermost desires, women’s joys, life sweets, wonderful moments and endless happiness!
  2. Not every day such women are born who want to imitate and to whom people are so drawn. You are one of the few! Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart I wish you goodness, light and warmth.
  3. Not every day such women are born who want to imitate and to whom people are so drawn. You are one of the few! Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart I wish you goodness, light and warmth.
  4. I congratulate a beautiful and kind woman on her anniversary! I wish you sincerity from friends, love and respect from your husband, gratitude and respect from your children!
  5. I congratulate you on our wedding, I always wish to be happy: Beautiful, gentle, sexy, Cheerful, sweet, extreme, Caring, and moderately wise Meet any morning with me!
  6. I congratulate you, dear, on your wedding day. And on this day I want to wish: To be joyful, in love and playful From everyday affairs, just rest.
  7. Let the heart of grief pass, Order and comfort will settle in my soul, I want you and me to live only in peace. I give you this huge cake!
  8. Let’s forget the sad today, And only we will remember the positive, We will live a happy life with you After all, the world around is beautiful enough!
  9. I wish you on your anniversary always happy to meet every day and never know reasons for sadness. May life be happy, may be faithful friends, may be loving relatives, may there be constant success. Health, beauty, charm and fun.
  10. For the most beautiful woman on her anniversary, I wish you dazzling happiness. Let it accompany you at any moment, so that you do not know any other life, except in abundance, good luck and surrounded by fulfilling desires!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Sayings

Happy anniversary wishes message

So, 25 whole years eh? It’s a lot! For many people, it can even literally be a lifetime of marriage. One of the goals of many couples is to grow old together. Unfortunately, in the society we live in, marriages rarely fall apart until they reach the “aging together” stage. Although 25 doesn’t necessarily mean they’re old, they’ve certainly spent a lot of time together, more than most couples. And in my eyes, for a marriage to last this long and still be successful, it kind of deserves praise. So, what better option than to congratulate them by wishing them the best on their 25the silver jubilee wedding anniversary? You don’t even have to think about anything, we did all the hard work for you! So here are the best wishes you can find for a Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary!

  1. Today marks a quarter of a century that you spent together as a couple! This in itself is an incredible achievement! You are truly an inspiration to other couples. Happy 25th anniversary!
  2. I can’t imagine how good 25 years of living with someone is. But given the condition you are in, I think it’s a pretty amazing experience. Happy 25th anniversary!
  3. Usually a dream ends when you wake up, when it comes to your wedding, the dream doesn’t end 25 years later! Happy wedding anniversary!
  4. For having spent the past 25 years waking up right next to the love of your life, I can’t imagine anything closer to perfect. Happy anniversary!
  5. Being someone’s soul mate isn’t easy. Especially for 25 whole years! You deserve all the praise in the world! Happy 25th anniversary!
  6. Fairy tales are usually a few pages long. I’ve never seen one that lasted 25 years. Happy 25th anniversary!
  7. Over the past 25 years, you have shared two of the best “I Do’s” in the world. One was the response to ‘are you going to marry me?’, And the other being ‘do you want to order pizza tonight?’. Happy wedding anniversary!
  8. They say everything gets boring after a while. Yet, after 25 years of marriage, you have both proven that you are an exception to this rule. Happy wedding anniversary!
  9. As you face all of life’s challenges together, the past 25 years have probably felt like mere seconds, since you spent them with the love of your life. I sincerely wish many more years to come. Happy 25th anniversary!
  10. Over the past 25 years, you’ve both found something brighter than the sun and prettier than the moon. It’s the smile you give yourself the moment you wake up. It is the treasure you share, and you should never let it go. Happy Anniversary!
  11. I’m sure there have been times in the past 25 years when you have thought of letting go, of giving up, of pulling away. Yet the bond of love that you share is so strong, that it choked all of those thoughts in an instant. Things are never sinful all the time, it is in trials that true love is manifested. Happy anniversary!

25th & 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Happy anniversary wishes message

Nothing like the words of the greatest thinkers and writers to talk about marriage and also marriage anniversary. Collection of the most beautiful quotes on the happiness of life as a couple. If you have the urge to get married but feel a tinge of hesitation, maybe these quotes about marriage will make you want to take the plunge. Here are some quotes you can send to your loved on on the special celebration of 25th and 50th year of wonderful marriage.

Marriage and wine have one thing in common: true goodness only shows itself after years.

William Somerset Maugham

“Marriage, towards which two lovers descend hand in hand, is the supreme consecration of the fusion of souls.”

Ernest Legouvé

Every man and woman know what perfect love is before they have been married for a quarter of a century.

Mark Twain

That’s the peculiar thing about love that it can never stay the same. It has to grow ceaselessly if you are not to lose weight.

André Gide

I loved you and still love you! And if the world collapsed, from its ruins rose flames and hardships of my love to break open.

Heinrich Heine

Happiness does not reside in possession and not in gold; the feeling of happiness is at home in the soul.


The first thing in love is the sense of one another and the highest is belief in one another.

Friedrich Schlegel

“Whatever grievance one has against marriage, one cannot deny it to be an experience.”

Oscar Wilde

“Those who love the truth should seek love in marriage, that is, love without illusions.”

Albert Camus

It is with love as with plants: if you want to reap love, you have to sow love.

Jeremias Gotthelf

True love arises from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters.

Theodore Simon Jouffroy

Whatever we may attain in this world, love is the highest happiness.

Philipp Otoo Runge

“Marriage is the prose translation of the poem of love.”

Alfred Bougeard

Love is the shared joy in mutual imperfection.

Ludwig Börne

As far as the earth can be heaven, it is in a happy marriage.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Short Anniversary Congratulations Message

Happy anniversary wishes message
  1. We wish you to live in peace and prosperity. Do not swear, as quarrels are nonsense! We raise our glasses, For the moment when you said: “Yes!”
  2. We are happy with your wedding anniversary. We sincerely congratulate you! May happiness never leave the house, the eyes of dear people shine.
  3. You are the bride and groom again! It’s your anniversary again! We wish you one hundred years or two hundred with Consent to please us!
  4. May God grant you health and strength, Care, love and warmth, So that the children give you happiness, So that life flows serenely!
  5. There are many wonderful events in the history of your family , Love has illuminated all the days and has helped more than once in life.
  6. We will celebrate in a narrow circle the wedding day, its anniversary, the hostess is wonderful here, and the husband is the ideal of a family man!
  7. We wish you success in business, Health, family happiness! In the future, let grace await and make life happy in the present!
  8. Merry wedding celebration, today we remember. We wish you to keep the magic of love and passion
  9. May there be peace under your roof, And in the house – happiness and peace, And hearing each other’s hearts beat, Live to the golden wedding!
  10. May everything that was dreamed come true, everything that was pleasing to the eye. Love and happiness settled, in your house forever!
  11. You have a wedding anniversary today, I wish you passion as then! That you are together, there is an important reason: Love that guides you through the years!
  12. Weddings Your Anniversary – This is a good reason To remind you again that love is the foundation of families.
  13. Happy anniversary of your wedding! May love live in hearts, May it give you joy, And a great flight of souls!
  14. Another round has passed since the wedding – One more year has been lived together! You have everything, what could you wish for? Let the circulation not weaken the feelings!
  15. On the anniversary of the celebration Accept congratulations – Admiration for your words to live in harmony with your skill!
  16. On this day, a wonderful and bright wedding has given a start to the new family – May the omens of happiness come true, And things will be successful!
  17. Today is a special day In your calendar, After all, on this day you once visited the registry office!
  18. The wedding anniversary has arrived. We wish you that love is still spinning your heads And you would not sleep from it again!
  19. And there are no warmer words in the world Than those spoken by the wife. Let love warm you, And you are not afraid of a blizzard in your life.
  20. Even if fate is not so easy,But every step is in hand, And again a mile away a mile away. Live together for up to a hundred years!
  21. You quickly comprehended the secret, How to save Love for many years , and pronounce tender words , looking into the eyes.
  22. You have been together for many days, Your love is getting stronger, So let it shine over the year , and still grow.
  23. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, You have lived a lot for years, And smiles on your faces are not in vain – After all, there is no happier family!
  24. I congratulate you on this event, Feel again what happened then …May your joy, love, your children Be with you for many years!
  25. Happy wedding anniversary, wonderful holiday, Remember your magic hour today! May your path continue to be only joint, Sincerely, with love – I congratulate you!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Message & Sayings

Happy anniversary wishes message
  1. Anniversary is the time for the results and the setting of new tasks. I know that the results will be impressive and the tasks will be daunting. I sincerely congratulate you on the round date and wish you not to stop there. Strength and inspiration for new achievements.
  2. Let this round date become for you the border of new prospects, desired successes and rapid growth. May the days, months and years ahead of you, filled with sunshine, the care of loved ones and the support of loyal friends. We wish you health, vitality and energy, so that you will meet more than one anniversary on your way!
  3. On this round date, I want to wish simple human happiness, which, as you know, lies in the smiles of children, kind friendly jokes, gentle looks of the second half and the warm care of relatives and friends. Happy anniversary!
  4. On this anniversary date, I want to wish you good health, happiness and the fulfillment of every dream. Experience has shown that dreaming is not harmful. Therefore, let everything that dreams come true.
  5. Let everything in your life develop according to the scenario that you have already managed to draw up for yourself. Let nothing scare you when solving certain issues, because difficulties always arise, but you need to be able to cope with them. And you are one of those people who never stop at anything. Patience and perseverance! Happy anniversary to you!
  6. I congratulate you on your anniversary! I wish you success and prosperity, the embodiment of all desires and projects, unfading health and longevity. Always be in the thick of bright joyful events and in a cheerful, wonderful mood. May life give you many happy and warm days filled with positive and kindness.
  7. Years do not pass without a trace. Years are an experience, pleasant memories, loyal friends, a beloved family and a ground for future victories in life … May your next anniversary give you no less positive than this one.
  8. I wish that today’s anniversary will bring you joy from meeting friends, from warm sincere wishes, from gifts and flowers! May it promise changes for the better, good luck and prosperity! Let the smile never leave your lips, and the heart radiate love and warmth! Happy anniversary!
  9. As if yesterday you exchanged rings, but so many roads have been traveled together! We wish you to continue going through life, admiring each other and holding hands tightly, enjoying life and collecting the generous fruits of joint work, rejoicing every day and loving with all your heart.
  10. Your life together flows like a beautiful deep river, dear spouses, and you, like two banks, keep your family happiness. Let the river of your life seethe with joy and hope, splash with goodness and success, sparkle with tenderness, care and love.
  11. Each of the twelve months worked gloriously for a whole year to make your married couple strong, wealthy and happy. I wish that the reliable boat will soon turn into a huge beautiful liner! Happy anniversary to you!
  12. It’s nice to see a couple who have preserved the sincerity of mutual feelings throughout the existence of such a remarkably beautiful and truly friendly family! Congratulations you did a great job! Happy Anniversary!
  13. Another year we lived together has passed – it is like a small stage on the path that you have passed with dignity. May your road of love always be smooth and strewn with beautiful flowers of mutual understanding.
  14. Today the countdown of the next year of your love begins, which I wish you to live the same way as all the previous ones: in peace, joy and mutual respect. Together, dreams are easier to achieve, so always hold on to each other.

Quotes to write on Anniversary Greetings

To congratulate someone on their wedding anniversary, you can also choose electronic greeting card by writing lovely wedding anniversary quotes! And that’s great because this means of communication is simpler and faster. Plus, you could reach the person anywhere, even on the other side of the world. All in just a few moments! Not easy to do at the same time with a paper wedding anniversary greeting card! Whether you want to congratulate a friend, loved one, or a family member, below are some wedding anniversary quote. Don’t hesitate to download and share it!

“Marriage is not about age; it’s about finding the right person.”

Sophia Bush

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.”

Pearl S. Buck

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

Dave Meurer

“Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it.”

Boris Pasternak

“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”

Martin Luther

“Marriage is the most natural state of man, and the state in which you will find solid happiness.”

Benjamin Frank

“Marriage is the most beautiful and the most state of the art in the world.”

Marguerite of Navarre

“Marriage must be an inseparable bond of eternal friendship.”

Samuel johnson

“Marriage is and will remain the most important journey a man can take.”

Soren Kiekegaard

“When you love your wedding day, you love for life.”

Joseph Lallier

“Love is physics, marriage is chemistry.” 

Alexandre Dumas (son)

“Marriage is a play with two characters, each of whom studies only one role: that of the other.”

Octave Feuillet