10 ways to Celebrate Christmas with Others

It’s effortless to make Christmas a self-centred party (and even more so for a child). So I suggest 10 ways to celebrate Christmas with others. The idea is to forget yourself a little to bring joy, love, peace, consideration, friendship, sharing, exchanges, compassion to others who do not necessarily have the chance to celebrate Christmas like us. And even if they have it, it allows us to show them how much we love them, without expecting anything in return. This allows everyone to develop their interpersonal intelligence.

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1. A Reversed Advent Calendar

I saw this great idea to go by last year, and I had a booster shot again this year. Instead of getting something every day from December 1 to 24 (you know, it could be a chocolate, a toy or a note to discover in a pouch), well we give one thing every day. You can put the items in a box or a bag and once it’s full, give it to an association like the Red Cross, for example, to a resource centre, to someone in particular). We can make a reverse Advent calendar per family, or why not, one per family member.

2. Make Cards for Others

Making your own Christmas and greeting cards allows you to take time for someone you love and settle down in this rather stressful period of preparation for the holidays. And when we do them as a family, the children learn a lot of things by also participating in the making of Christmas cards. I made a full video about it, which you can watch here.

3. Offer Cookies

If you have an oven, you can bake pretty and tasty Christmas cookies, put them in small packages, and give them to your neighbours, colleagues, child’s mistress, or even the homeless. It is a present that will always please. And if we don’t have an oven, we can offer nuts, clementines, chocolate does not lack in ideas🙂

4. Serve the Homemade Things

You can give your time to serve the soup kitchen, do the marauding (serve soup or hot coffee to the homeless in your city), participate in food drives. Many local associations or nationwide need volunteers who have to the most disadvantaged. They need help all the time, but even more so in the winter. So as the holidays approach, it’s a great way to celebrate Christmas focusing on others.

5. Be a reason For someone’s Happiness

It is also possible to approach certain hospital services for children to organize an afternoon or an evening to change the ideas of these little patients who will not be at home at Christmas. This is an opportunity to share games, manual activities, colouring, a snack, a moment of music or even stories.

6. Spend Evening with Senior’s talk

Some people may lack nothing materially, but be deficient in human relationships. Seniors are the generation that suffers the most from loneliness. If you have seniors around you, offer to play cards, scrabble, knit, read poems or have herbal tea together. We can also take it a step further and go to a retirement home with a small team (in agreement with the management, of course) to spend some time with these older adults.

7. Be Someone’s Santa Clause

Secret Santa Claus is a discovery for us this year, which we implemented with excitement and joy. The principle is simple: you choose a person from your entourage (whom you know well or not, but to whom you want to please), and you send him a few anonymous gifts until Christmas. The quantity does not count; what matters is the gesture. It can be a handmade gift card each time (with a signed word “secret Santa Claus”), it can be Christmas decorations, it can be Christmas stickers to give a child something to make crafts Christmas, but it can also be poems… Make room for your creativity and imagination. You will love to  doing it this year, especially when the person opposite cannot find who their secret Santa Claus is.

This idea can be taken up in class; imagine that each child draws another child. All children receive something, but all children give and seek to please each other.

8. A New Year’s Eve with Single People

If you have single people around you, such as a student whose family lives far away. A foreign friend whose family is in another country, a divorced person, and or a neighbour who has no family prepare a festive meal, invite them to celebrate Christmas in friendliness and joy and put them in the spotlight. Happiness is felt when you share it🙂

9. Sponsor a Smile of Child

Some associations make it possible to sponsor a child who lives in another country. The purpose of sponsorship is to donate a little something each month that allows the child to have materials to go to school and clothes. Support is not a single act; it is a commitment. So this is not a decision to be taken lightly; you have to stick to it every other month of the year. But at Christmas, it also allows a child to receive a gift and hope for a better future.

10. One Unexpected Gift to Fulfil Needs

What if, this year, the children agree to receive only one blessing? The goal is for the money spent on other skills to go to a cause chosen by the whole family. Thus, children have a gift (which they have chosen) and discover the joy of giving. If you want to show these type of gift with video present , then make sure you got the point what children really wants to listen from unexpected children with a very unexpected gift.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Christmas turned towards the others, and with the others. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments so that we will have even more possibilities for all the next Christmases.