Religious Happy New Year

Presenting vows for the end of the year celebrations can also be a solemn moment when very pious people reinforce each other in their faith with messages of religious connotation

Particularly among Christians, because the feast of the nativity commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the foundation of Christianity.

Although today, the feast of Christmas is no longer considered by the general public as a purely religious feast (it is said that it has become secularized), the faithful have not forgotten its sacred and unifying character and address on this occasion their best wishes to their loved ones.

Here we suggest examples of greeting text for the New Year or Christmas party that will ideally accompany a greeting card representing a liturgical drawing or a religious scene. We also recommend our other examples and ideas of greetings in a serious and traditional tone, as well as our text to respond to a greeting card received.

Many cultures celebrate the January 1 event all over the world. Often considered a public holiday, for many countries it is the start of a new year. For others, like China, for example, the Chinese New Year is celebrated between January 20 and February 18.

To celebrate the passing of the New Year, some populations keep well-established traditions …

Write a religious greeting card

Religious Christmas And New Year Wishes

“My dear friend, As the feast of the Nativity approaches, rich in beautiful emotions for Christians, I offer you my best wishes for happiness and prosperity. May our prayers make resound in the world our wish for peace, fraternity and love.”

 “At the start of 2022, my thoughts are with you, your family and your loved ones … May it be a year full of energy, sweet and sparkling at the same time, full of small and great joys on the way to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Spiritual New Year Wishes 2022

“May this New Year be synonymous with happiness and success for women and men of goodwill. May they be free to be happy, courageous, proud and sovereign of their lives and their faiths.”

“My dear friends, For this New Year, I wish you from the bottom of my heart to live a year of peace, and quite simply, if Providence and God so wish, a year of happiness and love that you will share with all your loved ones.”