The 10 New Year Resolutions to Keep but I won’t

Go belote. Every New year, it’s the same circus. Good resolutions? Don’t you want some, here’s some anyway?

This time it’s decided, I make a list of good resolutions that I should take but that, I know, I will never keep.

The amazing thing about new year’s eve is that we all make some resolutions to apply on the whole new year, but this is also go down with the next day’s morning hangover. Besides my opinion, I’ve created some healthy resolutions that is really meant to keep, but as i said before, I will never keep.

Here are the article about top resolutions to take on this new year

1. Prefer Figolu to Nutella

I know, I know, I know. To grow well, do not eat Too Much Fatty Food, TOO sweet, TOO salty. 

From Months, I’ve been trying to convince myself:

  • Vegetables can be good even if the green doesn’t make them look nice.
  • Fish is not just a tasteless piece full of bones.
  • Fruit surely has a reason to exist.

I try and then finally no, I can’t eat a balanced diet. The Kinder are placed too close to the cash desks, so no to balanced diet on this new year.

2. Start drinking coffee

Today, times are hard for the fearful of caffeine-deprived CPD (Right to Coffee Breaks). Let it be said, to have a social life today; you have to drink coffee.

Since I understood this theory, every year, I say to myself, “order an espresso, a little one, even a decaf”. Yes, but the coffee stings my throat.there is also one fact that warm liquid thing is better for the throat but is it necessary to be a coffee lover all the time just to show others. Ohh… no, anyways welcome to the new year.

3. Stop throwing money in the closet.

I call it: the flash resolution! The one that goes through our brains faster than Speedy Gonzales. We don’t think about it for 1, 2 seconds and pfiou nothing!

It is the one who says: “this year, I will stop shopping excessively.” As soon as said, the winter sales begin, and the good resolution flies away. By the way, do you exactly feel about the new year resolution as i am feeling about, then my friend, you are at the right place?

4. Stop believing in Prince Charming.

Why this year will I hold this resolution more than last year? No, but frankly, not thinking about our guys, our real guys, is that possible?

I’ve been read too many fairy tales, I’ve seen too many cartoons. I’ve been formatted for too long to stop believing in Prince Charming.

It’s a bit like the story of the guy dressed in red and white in his sleigh pulled by reindeer too hard to bring up. But if you now feel offended about why only for prince charming, then you can assume about your dream girl, which is the only illusion. By the way, I don’t want to ruin your loving illusion, but that’s the truth, my friend. enjoy your evening, Happy New Year.

5. Spare my concierge, my neighbors, my colleagues

 Every year, I tell myself that I will be a nice girl if I thought of my concierge, my neighbors, and my colleagues. But no, I think I like to annoy my people too much. It’s anchored.

So, no, I won’t stop listening to the balloon music on Sunday morning, singing in the office. All I want for Christmas is you and driving my janitor crazy, not this year again. It’s life, guys. If you don’t live it now, then when at old age when you will think twice to run fast. Enjoy your New Year and live in the present but think about the resolutions too!

6. Put on sweaters in winter.

When the 12 strokes of midnight strike to make way for January 1 of the following year, I think very strongly: “stop believing that there are not four but two seasons: spring and summer.”

By dint of wearing T-shirts under my thin coat, the cold gets the better of me. Suddenly, I have a runny nose, a red throat, and the acute “atchoum.”

Winter should only exist in Antarctica. And that’s all. It’s not for me to give in. And that Vivaldi modify his concertos on the spot!

7. Store, clean, shine, it’s clean.

I want to keep this good resolution, have an apartment and an office always nickel, and play it to me “whistle while working”.

Finally, as long as field mice, rabbits, birds, and deer do not get involved, it is out of the question!

8. Arrive on time

When I launch the subject of good resolutions with my entourage, I immediately have the right to: “You, you should take the one to arrive on time”.

Since it is not a good resolution that I take directly, I do not feel concerned about it. I am a latecomer and will remain so. And then what? Hasn’t someone once said that “everything comes right to who knows how to wait”?

9. Stop the lies

Well, little lies come out of the mouths of adults. I know very well that I have to stop cheating with my pounds, changing my first name in the evening, adding a few experiences to my CV.

But, I don’t want to be in my thirties; I’ll always be lying about my age. It is obvious! By the way, you can enjoy these lies tricks in your life too; in fact, you can try it on the new year eve, especially changing the first name. It works.

10. Stop pushing back until tomorrow or later. In fact

When I have a boring thing to do, I push it back to the next day and, as if by magic, the next day often turns into “when I have no more choice.”

So, every January 1, in my long list of good resolutions, I think it might be good to keep an AGENDA up to date. A what? AGENDA, that thing we wrote words about in high school. Enjoy your new year eve guys! Don’t think too much.

Oh no, it’s so much better at the last minute!

But, after reading all the ten resolution points, maybe you started feeling better, and after some minutes, i am sure you will think about to do it, but I’m sure, guys, its easy to decide but hard to do, try your luck, and at last, i want to wish you a very lovely eve of the first day of the year, Happy New Year!

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