The 6 excesses that we regret after the New Year!

You had set the bar high to be sure of going through 2020 with panache and we must admit: the evening was rather successful! So successful, moreover, that you let yourself go more than expected… After the champagne, the petits fours and the musical hits shouted at the top of their lungs, it is time to start erasing all these excesses to start the year on the right foot. Advice.

To erase the excesses of the New Year, it is not enough to drink a liter of water and to make the diet… Because the evening often leaves more consequences than one thinks.

Those things we regret after the New Year

we regret some our mistkaes after throwing new year party

Excess alcohol New Year

Excess: This is often what we regret the most when getting up (painfully) on January 1st. Like what, that last glass of champagne after the white wine, the tequila shots, the Norman hole and the little glass of Port was not such a good idea.

The solution : There is no miracle! You have to remember to hydrate (and water, we specify) and to stock up on minerals. It’s a good time for a miso soup, for example, to finish off the leftover smoked salmon or to eat that solitary banana and avoid a migraine …

And we do not finish the bottoms of the bottle!

Food, New Year’s Excess

Excess: After one to two weeks of festive meals with the family, then with friends, we got into the habit of having a feast with three starters, two main courses and five desserts. And we hardly exaggerate!

So, once New Year’s Eve comes, we don’t pay attention and we do a series of small fours, cocktail sausages, smoked salmon, oysters, foie gras, turkey, cheese platter (rather twice than one) and we have in spite of being sated at the time of dessert, we insist on tasting all the flavors of the logs and finishing with an iced chestnut.

The solution: Without going so far as to fast, you must immediately resume good habits by making lighter and above all more balanced meals. We do not hesitate to forget the meat for a few days, or to be satisfied with a large bowl of soup in the evening.

The Excesses we all do on the New Year

Selfies The excess: We started with a nice selfie taken in the bathroom before the festivities (but for once you have achieved your smoky eye , it was necessary to immortalize all that), but it quickly degenerated: selfie with the best friend, selfie with the distant cousin, selfie with the log (but it was so well decorated), selfie with the neighbor who came to complain about the noise, selfie with… the police ?!

The solution: We limit the damage as best we can by erasing the most damning evidence and checking if we have not posted it on social networks in the process. But the easiest thing is to assume and tell yourself that this will be your first resolution of the year: fewer drunk selfies !

And to think that you thought you looked like this …

New Year’s Karaoke

Excess: When the mood started to fade around 2 a.m., you panicked and decided to launch a Deezer playlist with built-in karaoke. And the most astonishing thing is that it immediately rained!

Time flies so quickly when we yell at each other in yogurt on the latest trendy hits.

The solution: This morning, you barely got to croak a “goodbye” to the last revelers. Starting the year with a loss of voice, it’s so chic… This time, no miracle, you absolutely have to rest your voice by using it as little as possible.

That makes a good excuse for you to avoid having to debrief your mom about your evening or to speak at work during the big “2018 goals” meeting.

Also, try to make yourself some honey herbal teas, or try this grandma’s mixture: lemon juice , an egg white and well mixed honey, of which you take a tablespoon every hour.

New Year’s Secrets

Excess: The euphoria of the New Year helping (with the support of his friend the champagne), you began to want to share all your joys of the past year. And little by little, you felt it was time to let go of your troubles.    

And this is how your coworker’s cousin found out how your ex dumped you, how you agreed to come back with him, before he dumped you again, the day before your vacation. Ouch.

The solution: Once again, no miracle, you must either assume or hope that the person to whom you confided in was not in better shape than you, and that she will have forgotten everything.

The advantage is that now that you have cleared all of that from your system, you are ready to start 2018 more calmly.

Declarations of Drunken Friendship

Excess: The problem is the same as with shameful confidences. Caught in the mood, you got closer to people you didn’t even know in the early evening, and ended up declaring your love to them (with all due honor), swearing that your friendship would be your zenith of 2018 (you done in poetry, sometimes).

The solution: A priori, all this will take care of itself. It might be that those one night stand friendships really grow into some great stories, but then don’t wait until January 25 to offer a coffee, a shopping spree or a lunch!

If, on the contrary, you really made a casting mistake, then …

Play dead and don’t reply to his texts! Yes, it’s cowardly. But we can always make up for our resolutions, right?

So, These excesses may be sound like threatening but it’s a fact and we should think about it, it would be beneficial for our future, mental health and of course, our secret we kept in our memory vault, which could reveal if we drink a lot and get emotional and say all the secret things to our friend and after hangover, we feel shit why I told them my silly secret. so, celebrate the new year with considering these excesses. Happy Holidays!

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