Things to do at This New Year Eve 2021 at Home

Your decision is made, this year the New Year is happening at home! We will give you the best tips to organize New Year’s Eve at home for those who still have doubts, We deliver everything to you.

No sooner have you tasted your Advent calendar and dismantled your Christmas tree that you must now plan the best party of the year: New Year’s Eve! Every year it’s the same story, we ask ourselves: what are we going to do on December 31? The evening as a couple, with close friends or a big fiesta, the list of possibilities is long.

pic describes some ideas to do new year party at home

However, this year you need a change, and most importantly, you need to show your friends how important they are to you. And in full reflection, eurêka: you are going to organize New Year’s Eve at home! As the end organizer, you take matters into your own hands by creating an event on Facebook to invite those who are dear to you. It is a responsibility that you take because it is the last evening of the year 2020 and the first of a new year which is coming, we have it.

Hope for you, grandiose! In addition to your pretty outfit, it’s time to choose between themed, costume or rather a classic evening, the possible organization with the children, etc. 3, 2, 1 before the final countdown, we roll up our sleeves and take on the role of the best host!

Our 5 accessories to celebrate the New Year at home

New Year’s Eve on December 31st is a much anticipated evening for everyone. It’s time to celebrate the year 2020, which ends with joy and lightness. We say goodbye to our usual restraint for a night! On the menu side, we put the small dishes in the big ones as for the Christmas party, with rare and refined products. It is essential to mark the occasion. This new year will thus be placed under the sign of opulence. When it comes to festivities, you have to think of everything: the guest list, the wild playlist that will get your guests moving, the games, the meal, the decoration, and everything that will make this evening THE evening of the year! Here is our comparison presenting our five best accessories to celebrate New Year at home.

 1- Decoration kit 2021

One of a kind, this decoration kit is a must have if you want to organize New Year 2021 at home. New Year’s Eve is a special day and, thanks to this beautiful collection, you will be able to organize an original, exclusive party different from any that you have been able to attend. This decoration is perfect to impress your friends thanks to its very original design. This kit has been designed to meet all your expectations at a low price! Its strong points: everything is quick and easy to assemble, it is a real child’s play. You won’t break the bank thanks to its unbeatable price. This kit includes everything you need to set up an unforgettable party:

  • a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” banner (12 letters), in gold and black colors;
  • 4 giant aluminum balloons of 80 cm;
  • 21 Photo Booth Props;
  • 1 pack of confetti, in gold, silver and black colors.

2- New Year’s Eve Masks

If you are leaning towards a costume party or a theme party, these masks are what you need. They are vintage and perfect to give a mysterious side to your New Years Eve party. Made of PVC, they are of good quality and above all reusable. They have four different styles and thus meet all your needs whether it is for a carnival parade, a costume party or to party in a bar! Strong point: these masks have good flexibility, the rope is tightened and they do not slip. Suitable for men and women.

3- Multicolored flying lanterns

What could be better than flying lanterns in the sky surrounded by the people you love the most? Tradition has it that this gesture is a symbol of luck. According to tradition, everyone’s problems fly in the wind with the sky lanterns. These lovely sky lanterns are of course the guarantee of romantic, magical moments and sharing with your loved ones. On the ecological side, they are made of rice paper and therefore completely biodegradable. On the safety side, they are non-flammable and meet all mandatory standards. A burner is included, easy to install. Features: height of about 80cm, diameter of about 50cm.

4- New Year Fairy Lights

This splendid LED garland, gold color, is perfect to illuminate your interior during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Its copper wire is of high quality, thin and flexible. In fact, it allows many formatting whether around your furniture or your plants. It also has its place on your walls or on your ceiling. It immediately gives an impression of fairyland and magic in the room. The plus: you can control its ignition with its remote control.

5- New Year Party Favors Box  

It often takes little to create an unforgettable party decoration. A box of party favors is the essential element and not to be forgotten for a successful evening, just like the fireworks! At a very low price, it was designed to entertain around twenty people. Ideal to liven up your party, it contains:

  • 100 balls;
  • 20 blowpipes;
  • 4 coil rolls;
  • 20 hairstyles hats;
  • 10 gene-free;
  • 5 balloons.

You can of course complete it as you wish for a more than perfect New Year’s Eve.

Ideas to Celebrate This New Year at Home

When organizing New Years at home, know that you need to both feast and entertain your guests and this will not be easy unless you stick to these tips.

Warn Your Neighbours before Noisy Party: The first thing to do is obviously to warn your neighbors in a benevolent and respectful approach. It would be a shame if the party was ruined because of a midnight nighttime noise call. The noise caused will also depend on the number of guests. In an apartment, try to limit yourself to around 30 people. However, if you live in a house, do as you see fit! However, know that the more people there are, the less harmony there will be. For this reason, choose people in your invitations who will come to an understanding.

Delicious Dinner at Home: For dinner, compose tables between 5 and 10 people with chatty and more discreet people so that the atmosphere is present. Tip: A round table is good for group conversations. To avoid damage, it is essential to take your precautions: we store granny’s porcelain dishes, fragile objects, and / or which we hold, we roll up the carpets and we cover the sofas if we do not want to keep bad memories! Make as much space as possible in your living room, because your guests will want to wiggle freely. If you don’t have enough chairs for everyone, you can ask your guests to bring some back so that everyone can rest their feet after frenzied dancing. Regarding music precisely, entrust this task to a DJ music lover friend and with an atmosphere is present with a quality musical speaker is guaranteed success…

Entertainment at Home: Decoration is very important for this evening, so we bring out party favors, hats, balloons and lights! It’s time to create a party atmosphere. You who are the host of the evening, you must be the animator: you have to spark conversations, ask questions of everyone and offer games (karaoke, etc.). Also, plan a stock of drinks, soft drinks and alcohol, sufficient for all your guests to avoid the shortage in the middle of the evening. That’s it, the time has come to enjoy your evening, not to think about anything: dance, laugh, have fun!

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the end of the year that is coming to an end and to make your new resolutions. This year, why not take matters into your own hands by hosting the New Year at home?

In the current situation, celebrate the new year in the home will be the best decision to take. Having a drink with love and dinner with family would be preferable for now, so send your blessing to everyone by sharing the best quotes of a happy new year and celebrate the first occasion of the year.