110+ Best Merry Christmas Wishes to write in Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, a time of magic and love, of giving and sharing … in theory! To touch the hearts of your loved ones, showering them with pretty merry Christmas things is not always enough: it is a time of year when some feel sickened, or very lonely.
So, find a nice merry Christmas quote to distribute some joy and humour around you because that’s Christmas too! And don’t spoil your children too much with unnecessary gifts, don’t forget that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole and not in other places in the country!

Send a beautiful original or classic Merry Christmas Greeting Message. Friendly, loving happy holidays greeting text template, humorous merry Christmas wishes or professional merry Christmas wishes: Merry Christmas SMS, Merry Christmas poems and cute merry Christmas greeting cards.

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Short Merry Christmas Wishes for 2020

Short Christmas wishes are very suitable for memorizing, for gift tags, for sending on WhatsApp, by SMS and Co. or as a quick emergency saying when there is no time left in the Christmas stress. Though short Christmas wishes, they can be just as reflective as longer Christmas sayings. Sometimes they even summarize much better what Christmas is all about.

Have you already written your Christmas text on your Christmas greeting card and are only looking for a short Christmas saying to fill the Christmas greeting card? The following Christmas sayings are also perfect for this. It is especially nice if your text is on the right side of your Christmas greeting card and a short Christmas saying on the left, supplemented by Christmas stickers or small drawings with Christmas motifs.

“Love is the eternal light”.

“Joy wants to inhabit us, not just visit us”.

“Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling”.

“Happiness often comes from attention to small things”.

“With a candle, it’s not the wax that’s important, it’s the light”.

“I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021”

“May happiness be with you during Christmas and forever!”

“May we see that riches are not necessary for prosperity”.

“The way of giving is more important than the gift itself”.

“This greeting card should say: Enjoy the Christmas days”.

“Let the magic into your heart and carry it through the world”.

“May Christmas and the New Year bring you everything you desire!”

“Christmas, the best time should bring joy, happiness and satisfaction”.

 “Now bright Christmas candles shine and bring happiness to all hearts”.

“My best wishes for Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2021”

“May the peace and the promise of Christmas fill your heart with joy.”

“And wherever we join hands and are happy, we share what matters”.

“All the best wishes for a happy Christmas and a sensational New Year!”

“Wishes of happiness, cheerfulness, for this Christmas and the whole year.”

“May the spirit of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.”

“May the peace and joy of this Feast be with you every day of the New Year!”

“May this Merry Christmas be the dawn of a year of happiness.”

“May this Christmas be the most beautiful for you and may it bring you happiness, health and prosperity.”

“I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and remember to be kinder because we celebrate the birthday of the Lord.”

“Christmas trees are like breasts. The fakes are nice to look at but the real ones are much better! Anyway … happy holidays!”

“I wish you a Christmas full of joy and a year without pain or backlash. May the days, weeks, months be filled with love and smiles.”

“I hope the Christmas and New Year celebrations were as unique as you are. I wish all possible happiness for this new year.”

“Christmas is harmony and harmony begins with a smile. May you smile every day of your life! Happy Holidays.”

“Whether above or below zero, whether it’s raining or snowing, your Christmas season will be particularly beautiful and wonderful!”

“May your Christmas be illuminated by the smiles of those you love and may their laughter echo with gaiety at the heart of the festivities.”

“For this Christmas, I wish you as much joy, happiness and love as there are coloured balls in your tree. Take advantage of this magical moment to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!”

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends

Seeking a Merry Christmas text to wish a friend a Merry Christmas 2020? You’re on the good side. In this Christmas celebration time, you will certainly discover the perfect little note of friendship.

We always have a family side of Christmas and fail to wish it to our close friends. Yet the time of Christmas is associated with sharing, caring and joy … And why not give your friends a Christmas text message or an e-mail? Here are a few wording suggestions to give to a friend on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s an amusing or original post, you’ll find the right Christmas text for your mate.

So don’t forget one more thing: This is the perfect time to show your mates that you love them, and let them know you feel proud to have them in your life!

“I wish you a wonderful Christmas. May this fairy day bring you the happiness and joy you deserve.”

“Eh miracle! You just received a Christmas email from me! You can believe in Santa Claus now!”

“May our friendship always become stronger, always accompanied by the Lord on our journey. Merry Christmas!”

“May your Christmas be filled with peace, love, joy … and above all, lots of gifts! Happy blessed Eve with all your family.”

“I wish you a beautiful Christmas full of beautiful gifts. Hope you have lots of laughs, joy and love to unwrap this New Year’s Eve!”

“May your Christmas Eve be merry and bright. On this day, I wish that our friendship will remain unchanged forever. Happy Holidays.”

“May your Christmas Eve be merry and bright. On this magical day, I wish our friendship to remain unchanged forever. Happy Holidays.”

“Christmas, the festival of love, has cast its magic over us all. I wish you relaxed and happy hours with the family and happiness and health for the coming year!”

“Merry Christmas! Enjoy these good times with your family! For your gift from me, I wanted to tell you that I am very happy to have a friend like you today and every other day of the year.”

“Christmas is approaching with its many celebrations and beautiful gifts. In this holiday season, I wanted you to know that you are the best gift that life has given me. Enjoy your holidays!”

 “I wish you a magical Christmas, relaxing holidays and peaceful time with your family. May all your wishes for the new year come true. I hope we’ll spend more time together then. Stay the way you are”

“Christmas is a wonderful time to share precious moments with family and friends! It is also the perfect opportunity to tell you that I am very proud of this friendship that binds us! I wish you a Merry Christmas !”

“Because our friendship is precious, My wishes of happiness are dedicated to you, To you who make me so happy And who have been for so many years, A warm presence, Sweet and faithful by my side. Happy Holidays!”

“Oh oh oh it’s Santa Claus writing to you! Oh oh oh because of the economic crisis hitting the North Pole I am unable to give you a gift worthy of the name. Oh oh oh, otherwise do you like penguins? Oh oh oh Merry Christmas!”

“Days, weeks, months go by, then finally we arrive at Christmas and, as always, the atmosphere becomes magical, there is an air of celebration, we think of gifts and dearest friends and it is nice to exchange greetings. Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones !!”

“I thank myself. For everything you’ve done for me this year For relying on you For having you in my life, That’s why I wish you all the best for the Christmas season: lots of time with your loved ones, the most delicious food, the loudest laugh and that you can still find peace despite the Christmas hustle and bustle.”

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Family

Again we get the chance to reunite with all of our family members on the occasion of merry Christmas. With the help of togetherness, we all do something for making our Christmas night very special. Some family member brings delicious food and some come with bottles of wine to celebrate the festival of Christmas. Anyone who belongs to the typical Christian family knows better the value of the Christmas celebration. People use to go to church with all family members and get blessings from Jesus Christ.

People usually make cards for sharing on the celebration night of Christmas and for this purpose we have selected some of the best Christmas greetings messages to write on the Christmas greeting card which make the Christmas card more meaningful to read and messages also show the feelings that you bring for the others.

Here are some Christmas wishes templates to choose to wish your family members-

“Happy Holiday Season! Play with the little ones, chat with your elders and enjoy everyone’s company. Merry Christmas.”

“Embrace the music of the season, its flavours and smells. Rejoice in the cold approaching us and Have a merry Christmas.”

“Even though I am very far from the people I love, I can feel their love through the distance. Merry Christmas, my dear family! “

“No matter how things are difficult in your life, everything always looks a little better around Christmas time. Have a nice holiday season.”

 “God gives us a great blessing by allowing us to gather around the birth of the baby Jesus once more. Merry Christmas, my beloved family! “

“I just realized that the greatest gift I will receive this Christmas is to see the whole family reunited, sharing amid much joy. Happy holidays to everyone! “

“I thank God because he has blessed me with a great family that I love very much. To all the family members, I want to wish you a nice and Merry Christmas. “

“This Christmas, offer the best of yourself and get the best of others in return. We are hoping for a lot of successful business this season. Happy Holiday.”

“Christmas is a time when peace should reign in our home, so let’s forgive each other, reconcile and enjoy an unforgettable eve. Congratulations!”

 “I love seeing the whole family together, singing carols and enjoying a delicious dinner sharing the best that we carry in our hearts. Merry Christmas! “

“May your Christmas be filled with laughs, warm moments and of course lots of good things to taste and nice gifts to unwrap! Enjoy Holidays with all your family.”

“Christmas is a very beautiful holiday that we all enjoy, from the smallest to the oldest of the family. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world in these beautiful parties. “

“Let us feel thankful to all the members of our family who are present at this eve and may God’s love bless those who are far away. Glad Christmas to all of us!”

“ I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my family and I also want to thank them because they have always been with me giving me their support and helping me to move forward. I love you so much!”

“Every year, I wish for a white Christmas. And even if the snow does not always come, I can always count on my friends and family to Brighten the season. So thank you and Happy holidays.”

here is the sample quotesfor loved one to wish merry christmas

Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes for My love

Spending the Merry Christmas holiday celebration with your lover could be one of the best memories that you want to keep in your long-lasting memories. The extreme romantic weather, pleasant atmosphere and the sound of the Christmas festival are the best things to enjoy with your special one. Visiting church together and wishing for each other, show how much they mean to you. so do everything to make her or him feel special on the special occasion of merry Christmas.

Although you have written many Christmas greeting cards to family and friends, don’t forget to make one special Christmas greeting card for your special one. Anyhow, if you are not so creative to write a most beautiful Christmas wishes line for a most special one, we are here to help you out by providing you best romantic Christmas wishes for my love. So, go check all of these and choose your favourite romantic Christmas wishes.

“You are my most precious thing. This also applies to Christmas: I love you!”

“With all my best wishes I wish you a happy Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year.”

“Whether it’s freezing, raining, snowing or blowing: I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday!”

“Christmas is the feast of joy and friendship. And friendship is the greatest gift that human beings can give themselves.”

“The best Christmas present would be to feel you near me. What a pity that we are not together for the holidays.”

“Christmas – the feast of joy. Too bad we don’t laugh enough. – With this quote from Sartre, I wish you a happy holiday…”

“As you would expect, I wish you a happy Christmas holiday. Enjoy the scent of the fir tree and the candlelight and be happy. My very best thoughts for you!”

“At Christmas, we give gifts and think of others. So I am not giving you jewellery or furs, but a bouquet that I have chosen with love for you. – Merry Christmas!”

“You are my blessing and that I hope everything smart in life involves you, as a result of you’re one person in a very million. Merry Christmas my life! ”.

“Being in love with you is like being in heaven and only having eyes to see you, you are the only star I want to follow in my life. Merry Christmas”.

“Christmas may well be an incredible season and it’s far more since you are in my life. Merry Christmas my love, would possibly God bless your home and our relationship. “

“I wish you were here. Sharing my table, singing carols and kissing at midnight. Despite the distance, I hope you can feel all the love I have for you. Merry Christmas, love!”

“The best Xmas present for me is just to have you next to me. Too, unfortunately, I can’t be with you on holiday at the end of every year. I’ll bring you a tickle of Christmas through all these flowers to tell you I think of you.”

“Tomorrow is Christmas. Here’s why I want to give you something to get you in the mood that will show you – I hope – that I haven’t forgotten you. My sweetest wishes for your loving holidays…”

“Before the night is over, I want to tell you how much I love you, you do a lot of good to my life, and I feel blessed since you are in it, you make me a better person every day. Merry Christmas pretty, God bless you always! ”.

“The magic of the night surrounds Christmas, however, your company makes it even more magical and unique. I hope this Christmas will be one of many more together, and that we continue to build our path as we do. I love you”.

“Merry Christmas my queen! May this Christmas be full of good wishes, fraternal hugs, sincere laughter in your home. You are the best thing that could happen to me, and for that, I thank life this time, for having given me your unconditional love ”.

“Hohohooo, this is Santa Claus. With all my heart, I wish you happy Christmas holidays, may they be divine and peaceful, devilishly exquisite, angelic, beautiful, in a word, sensational. May this bouquet always remind you of me …”

Best Merry Christmas Wishes & Greetings

Best Merry Christmas wishes should express the feelings that you want to put as a word. So make it simple, perfect and some sort of formal so that this could look nice to see and easy to read. If we are looking for perfect lines to wish someone or to send  Christmas wishes then we can go for best Christmas quotes which will help us to maintain the best relationship with anyone, it could be your family member, old friends or could be your neighbour.

We are presenting you some of our best Merry Christmas wishes …

“ May Christmas be a cause of joy for all families. Many blessings to all, may peace reign in your homes, are my sincere wishes.”

“It’s Christmas… the magic happens, so smile, treat yourself and share good times with your family and friends, enjoy your year-end holidays!”

” Remember that Christmas has the power to soften the hardest hearts and bring out the most sincere feelings. Happy holidays to all!”

“I only wish you and your families all the best in these Christmas days, may you be full of happiness, safety and love, Happy Holidays to all!”

“ The most important thing these days is the unity of the family. Happy Christmas holidays to all of you and may peace always reign in your lives! “

“I wish you a Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness, may the peace and joy of this holiday be with you every day of this New Year! Best wishes!”

“On this very special night, I wish peace to reign in the hearts of all humanity and a happy holiday for all of you, much happiness and blessings in your homes.”

 “Since I was a child, I always perceived the arrival of Christmas with great impatience and emotion, since on those nights I noticed that peace and unity reigned in my home.”

“Merry Christmas to you and your family, may this sweet night give you the most beautiful sensations: the happiness of being with your family, love and tenderness.”

 “ I would like to share this with all my loved ones and infect them with this desire to celebrate the birth of our saviour. Merry Christmas! May the union reign in your home forever ”.

“It is with a heart crammed with beautiful thoughts that I wish you the foremost wonderful Christmas. May this feast fill your heart with happiness and bring you love and peace.!”

“In this beautiful holiday season, it is time to chase away sadness, worries and failures to make room for joy, love and success, I wish you a wonderful end of year party. a year and may your wishes come true. Merry Christmas!”

“For this Christmas, I wish you as much happiness as there are stars in the sky, as much love as there is human on earth, as much good news as there is a day in the sky. ‘year,!!! Happy New Year celebrations !”

“All those who have the great opportunity to spend these dates with their loved ones should feel completely lucky since not everyone has these opportunities, some for work or study reasons, they see themselves distant from their loved ones. Merry Christmas to all! “.

Merry Christmas Greetings for 2020

Beautiful Merry Christmas wishes are particularly contemplative and optimally matched to the Christmas party. They try to capture the spirit of Christmas and spread a festive mood. You can give beautiful sayings for Christmas to all kinds of contacts. Whether acquaintances, professional contacts, friends or family – we have selected the merry Christmas sayings so that they are suitable for everyone. Pick a great saying and send it to several contacts via WhatsApp, email or as a card.

“I wish you a beautiful Christmas, may this date become a beautiful family memory ”.

“Time for love and feeling, today it’s only cool outside! Candlelight and the scent of cookies, Christmas is in the air!”

“Time to be still, listen, go in. Only those who master the rest will still see the wonders the Christmas spirit brings to men.”

 “ Let us give the best of ourselves and live a merry Christmas in the company of our loved ones and God.”

“May this special date cleanse and free our hearts from sadness and doubts, may the birth of the Son of God bring with it only joy and the union of our families.”

“I wish you a Christmas full of meaning, of the true meaning of this date. How important it is to forgive those around us and to receive Jesus with an open heart”

“I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas, I hope you and your family will spend an unforgettable eve, a night in which they will exchange smiles rather than presents.”

this christmas wish your elders in a religious way

Religious Merry Christmas Wishes

Since it’s god’s birth at present, I wish you exciting gifts under the Christmas tree, God loves us and they give us a blessing on the very special day of god, at church we use to hear the god voice about the blessings of God. We should consider ourselves self-proud to live under the shadow of a god.

To show your religious way of wishing someone, you can choose one from the given below Christmas greeting quotes and write on the religious Christmas card…

“When December 25 comes, the time for sharing love comes. “

“Merry Christmas to my beloved grandparents! May the celebration of Christ’s birth bring you joy and happiness for the year to come!”

“Merry Christmas and God bless you. By his love that everything succeeds you! May your families live in gentleness, In joy, love and true happiness.”

 “Christmas is not consumption and material gifts. It is found in homes where respect, humility, the simplicity of loving, the pleasure of sharing and being together reign.”

“JESUS   is born, the LIGHT has arrived !! Let’s celebrate CHRISTMAS impregnated with her LOVE and GOODNESS. Happy Holidays.”

“It’s Christmas and I wish you much joy with your loved ones, forget the problems of the past and forgive each other that God wants us to be together as brothers this evening.”

Merry Christmas Wishes and Sayings

Make a beautiful merry Christmas Greeting card to make someone happy on the special occasion of holidays. Everything you can arrange to make the Christmas card attractive but the most important thing is to write the feelings toward others by some lines. so, for that purpose, we have written some best merry Christmas sayings and greetings to write on your Christmas card and stick the Christmas card envelope with the feeling of words.

“Christmas has come to earth, the great holiday of God! So let the day be fine in the holy celebration .”

“I sincerely congratulate you with a good, bright Christmas! May it bring happiness And good luck to every home!”

“On Christmas holidays And the New Year, and We wish you enough grace. The well being, the pleasure and the laughter.”

“Gifts are not the main thing. Christmas is the smiles of passers-by, the joy of friends and family, the expectation of a miracle in the eyes of children …”

“I wish you joyful discoveries. Let Christmas be the start for great things, as well as an unprecedented creative and career takeoff. Let the state of happiness be permanent!”

“May Christmas give you the lasting warmth of a sincere happy relationship. May your wildest dreams and boldest plans come true. Be cheerful and lucky, energetic and healthy!”

“Congratulations on Christmas – a holiday of good joy, pure desires and a magical mood! May there be a place for miracles in your life, sincerely rejoice in everything that a new day brings!”

“Happy Christmas. Plenty of smiles, determination and perseverance in achieving a mission, successes at work, just bright days, happiness, affection and plenty of kisses, and that this New Year 2021 will be the best for you …”

“Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! May this year bring you a lot of joy, smile and love for your loved ones. Let all your dreams come true and let the New Year be the happiest year under the sun for you! All the best!”

“May all the kindest and brightest come into your life together with Christmas! I wish that every moment brings you positive emotions, that health never fails you, and love forever lives in your heart! May all the most secret come true!”

“I sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish the kind angel to wave his magic wings over your house, shaking off the snow-white snowflakes of happiness and grace. Let them cover everything around, marking a new and bright stage in your life.”

Formal Merry Christmas Wishes for Colleagues

We use to spend most of the time in our office and working next to our colleagues. so, this individual plays an important part in our daily office life. Whether it is about teamwork or to get into some stupid topic discussion, we have our colleague to fill that part. So get some time to appreciate the co-working spirit of your colleague and wish them Christmas in a very proper manner to make them feel special. So, now to make this possible we are presenting some best merry Christmas wishes for colleagues and office staff…

“Nothing is better than Christmas to relax a little, it is what we deserve after a hard year of work.”

“Let us keep in mind actuality that means of Christmas by sharing it with our cherished ones and giving them our time and love.”

“Christmas is to be celebrated with the people we love the most, so let’s enjoy it with our families. Have a happy holiday season. “

“A colleague like you is a gem in the workplace. You are the nicest guy I have ever met in an office. Best wishes to you this Christmas!”

“Whether you have a quiet holiday season or find yourself at the loudest dinner eve, I hope you have a great merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

“Colleagues like you make the workplace comfortable and friendly. I’m lucky to be a colleague of you. I wish you all the happiness of this Christmas!”

“The feelings that Christmas awakens in our hearts ar the simplest, I hope that we will keep them throughout the approaching year. I want all of you a lot of congratulations. “

 “One of the foremost lovely experiences I have had has been operating with all of you during this company. You are the simplest companions I might have which is why I would like you a Merry Christmas. “

“With you, the work atmosphere is extremely pleasant and that I will even say that I fancy operating with you. Thank you for being the simplest companions, I would like you a lot of congratulations this Christmas. “

 “This has been AN arduous year of labour however we’ve reached all the planned goals which are a few things that fill ME with nice satisfaction and pride. You are nice co-workers which is why I would like to want you an exquisite Christmas together with your families. “

“Merry Christmas to you, With a wonderful New Year, I sincerely thank you for all the support and efforts, To my wonderful colleague! it is the celebration of love. I wish them that they will live a lot of love in the family and that they will have a great Christmas.”

wish professionally to your boss in this christmas

Formal Merry Christmas Wishes for Boss

Wishing Merry Christmas to those who sit in the upper position in your organization is a big task to do. So choose your words properly before wishing them. You want to write a better positive word to wish, and it’s obvious because this is the only person who writes your performance review and permits you to go on leave.

So, make it very professional at the time of wishing them Christmas wishes, but for your perfection, we are presenting the best Christmas wishes to send to your superior.

“May this Christmas bring incredible joy to your life. May you find many reasons to smile and no reason to complain about life.”

“You are without a doubt the best leader of all time. It has been a lifetime experience for me to be able to work under your supervision. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

“The Christmas holidays are filled with love and hope for better days for you. Leave your artwork aside for now. Because a season full of fun awaits you!”

“Let whatever you desire come to you. Send my sincere wishes to the one I always watch. Merry Christmas! Thank you for a wonderful year. Your leadership was truly inspiring. Happy holidays, boss.”

“You are an exceptional supervisor and I send you only the warmest wishes for you and yours. This holiday greeting is a prayer from my heart that God sends all happiness to you. Stay happy and keep smiling. Merry Christmas!”

“May your years be filled with countless professional accomplishments and personal gains. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! Has an amazing eve filled with joy and laughter? Thank you for being a great source of blessing and inspiration for us.”

“You are a wonderful manager, advisor and friend. Thank you for running this business with grace and wisdom. Best wishes on Christmas and always. It’s time to take a break. Give yourself some time to prepare for the fun ride. Because all the delicacies are to be savoured. Happy Holidays, boss!”

Santa Claus … or rather someone close to you gave you a wonderful gift? The one you’ve been wanting for months, or a truly original gift that you never thought you would receive? With the discovery of the gifts and the Christmas dinner being over, it is time to thank these people with a warm message full of gratitude.

At a Christmas party, following the unwrapping of gifts, everyone in the family thanks everyone even if the gift did not please … If you had the bad luck to be in the latter case, avoid showing your disappointment and smile! After all, this is the Christmas party!

But the Christmas party beyond the gifts it brings you is above all an occasion for very symbolic gatherings of your family members or friends and loved ones.

We offer several models of texts that you can send by email or SMS to a friend, colleague or loved one to thank them for their superb Christmas present.
A word of advice: whether or not it was present on Christmas Day, you should send your thank you message quickly to the person.
well, here the end of christmas wishes but stay tune with us and we have one best suggestion for wedding anniversary wishes to sister, this can help you to find something interesting for loving sister.