35+ Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Do you struggle to find the right words for happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend with which to best express all your love ? Don’t worry; we are here to help you for finding the best birthday wishes for boyfriend! In this article you will have all the most beautiful dedications and special wishes for your boyfriend.

birthday wishes
  1. Happy birthday to you, the person who decided that he will make me happy for the rest of my life and forced me to do the same, I promise I will do my best to do it. Happy birthday boyfriend!
  2. I’ll tell you a secret, something I think you should know on this birthday of yours: I fell in love with you the first time our eyes met and I continue to get excited about your smile. Best wishes to the best boyfriend in the world!
  3. Happy birthday, honey, be mine forever and don’t think about leaving me, promise me that one day we will be forever and our hearts will beat together. Happy birthday wishes to the best boyfriend!
  4. Today is the first time that I use the word boyfriend… and I do it to write you a unique and unforgettable greeting card on Facebook and Twitter. Happy birthday my boyfriend!
  5. As your fiancé, I have not only promised to marry you, but also to celebrate every single moment of your life – starting with this birthday. Best wishes!
  6. I would like to send the warmest birthday wishes to my incredible boyfriend! May this day be very happy and special for us, because for the first time we celebrate it as an officially engaged couple!
  7. I once had a lot of ideas about what life should be like… until the moment I realized that there is nothing so precious as lying on the green grass on a sunny day with you, and staying there until sunset. Happy birthday to my fiancé, mine forever.
  8. Birthday card for my boyfriend: I’ve thought too much about what to give you for your birthday, after all, you’re always the one who surprises. This time I want to give you something you will never forget: my love! Best wishes!
  9. I wish you happy birthday dear boyfriend, hoping that every day you will be reminded how much I love you. May you have so many other birthdays next to me. Best wishes!
  10. When I think of you, I also reflect on our future and how I have always been right about you. You are a sweet, loving, caring and responsible man, everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Happy birthday beloved boyfriend!
  11. Dear boyfriend, on your birthday, I want you to have the things that will make you happy knowing that I will support you all the way. Happy Birthday darling. I love you.
  12. I knew we were meant for each other when I started falling in love again and again and again and again… with you! Happy birthday boyfriend! You are unique!
  13. May God give you the desired success every day, and may He give you all that is necessary for you. May God grant us endless happiness for a lifetime. Happy birthday beloved boyfriend!
  14. Your birthday is one of the days I can’t wait to celebrate because it means we can spend the whole day together doing nothing but loving every second of it. Happy birthday dear boyfriend!
  15. My wish for you on this special day of yours is that life brings you everything that makes you smile. You are a wonderful man and I love you more than I can ever put into words. Happy birthday, dear and beautiful boyfriend.
  16. This birthday of yours means how strong we are together, and now all we are waiting for is to be officially husband and wife, best wishes to my dearest boyfriend.
  17. To my fiancé: know that I’d rather live in hell with you than live in the happiest place in heaven without you. I hope you have an incredibly happy birthday, my dear love. Happy birthday!
  18. This birthday of yours demonstrates how strong we are together, and now all we are waiting for is to be officially husband and wife, happy birthday to my dearest boyfriend.
  19. I’ll tell you a secret, something I think you should know on this birthday of yours: I fell in love with you the first time our eyes met and I continue to melt for your smile. Happy birthday beloved boyfriend!
  20. My boyfriend today is a day of love and we cannot afford it given the distance that separates us. How I would like to hug you and surprise you on your birthday … Many happy returns!
  21. I must say that our bad days are over and now a new era of our relationship is about to begin. I am happy to start this new adventure with your birthday. I love you, happy birthday, my boyfriend.
  22. Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to spend my life with a guy who wanted me for who I am and not who he expected me to be. Thank you, for being just that person! Happy birthday to the best boyfriend.
  23. Happy birthday to the only man in the world who fills my soul with complete happiness. Honey, may your daily life be as beautiful as the sunniest day of summer. Happy birthday beloved boyfriend!
  24. You are not only my boyfriend and my best friend, but also my most precious gift from above. On this very important birthday of yours, I pray that three things will be given to you: good health, great prosperity and infinite happiness.
  25. I knew you were the right one, every time I am with you I stopped thinking I “found the right person” and instead focus on being the right person… I love you, happy birthday boyfriend!
  26. Thank you for giving me your love so freely. You are such a selfless and caring person, and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend.
  27. Dear boyfriend, from your radiant beauty to the glow of your compassionate heart, everything about you shines and shines. Thank you for lighting my life with your love! Happy birthday!
  28. Boyfriend, I love you more than I could ever put into words. Today, on your birthday, on our upcoming wedding day, and every day, I want you to know not just through my words, but through my actions, how special you are to me. Happy birthday!
  29. A boyfriend like you is a rare jewel. I am so grateful to have found a treasure like you. Thank you for enriching my soul with your love. I love you! Happy birthday!
  30. If I were to die today, I would rest in peace and bliss knowing that during my time on earth I fell in love with the most wonderful man God ever created. I love you so much, happy birthday boyfriend!
  31. Honey, just as my lungs will never stop needing air, so my soul will never stop needing your presence too. Birthday Wishes for my beloved boyfriend!
  32. Your birthday is one of the days that I can’t wait to celebrate, because it means that we will spend the whole day together doing nothing but loving every second. To the best boyfriend: happy birthday!
  33. The total axis of my life revolves around you; my happiness, my suffering, my love and my pain are all connected with you. I wish you a wonderful unique boyfriend birthday.
  34. Greeting card for my boyfriend: happy birthday my dear, I wish you wealth, health and everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday my love.
  35. Happy birthday wishes to my boyfriend: you are the man with whom I chose to share all the good and the bad, I am grateful that I can enjoy your birthday with you.