60 Spooky Halloween Sayings | Wishing quotes of Happy Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween 2020:

Witches, ghosts and vampires roam the houses – and Halloween quotes and sayings help them hunt candy. We have the most beautiful collection of Halloween sayings for children and adults, for “trick or treating” and for WhatsApp status. You will also learn exciting facts about the famous horror festival.

Even for children and adolescents who go from door to door in a gruesome mask, the right Halloween saying on their lips is a basic requirement for rich sweets.

Halloween parties and themed evenings are enjoying ever greater popularity. In order to spread horror among friends and relatives, you don’t necessarily have to be physically present. The best Halloween card sayings  and greetings also spread the horror via a message from you. And with the right GIFs, it gets even better. so, What are you waiting for .. Say Loudly, Happy Halloween !!!

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What is Halloween?

Halloween is derived from the English “All Hallows Evening” (evening before All Saints’ Day) and describes today’s Halloween night. There is a long history behind the custom as we know it today.

History and Tradition of Happy Halloween

Halloween is originally a Celtic festival and is believed to be 2,500 years old. The Celts who lived in Central Europe believed at the time that that evening the dead would come back to earth to visit their relatives. They carried lights with them to show the spirits the way. At that time the festival was called “Samhain” (the Gaelic word for “November”).

The Celts died out, their festival survived. The Irish adopted the custom but were afraid of the dead. For this reason, they dressed up in creepy masks to deter and scare off the ghosts. In the Middle Ages, the tradition changed into a Christian custom and set itself on the evening before All Saints Day.

Catholic Irish immigrated to the United States and Canada in the 19th century, maintaining and expanding this custom. The tradition was fully established and carried on to Europe in the 1990s. There it mingled with local customs, in Germany, for example with beet spirits and wedding lights (hollowed-out pumpkins).

Celebration of Halloween Today

On Halloween, children go on a candy hunt in disguise and ring the doorbell in their neighbourhood. With the slogan “Trick or Treat” (meaning: “Give us candy, otherwise there’s treat.”) They ask for candy and at the same time threaten to play a prank if there is no candy. Popular variants when there is no candy in the house are: wrap the house with toilet paper or throw eggs at it. Many households buy extra candy for Halloween to please the wandering children and to keep them from being pranked.

In English-speaking countries, children say “trick or treat” rather than “trick or treating”. “Trick” means prank, “Treat” means candy or treat.

When is Halloween 2020 ?

Halloween is always celebrated on the night before All Saints’ Day, i.e. in the night from October 31st to November 1st. For the Celts, who celebrated this custom 2,500 years ago, this day marked the end of the year. The summer was officially adopted, and the winter welcomed.

A Suitable Halloween costume

There are many different costumes for Halloween. In the US, people are disguises in all shapes and colours. Here, people tend to focus more on creepy motifs. Our Halloween festival is very similar to that of the Irish who dressed up in scary disguises to drive away evil spirits.

Not only children but also adults dress up for Halloween. There are numerous events and themed parties to which costumes are worn on the occasion of this day. We have listed a few matching disguises for you, which are great for a Halloween party or a candy foray.

  • vampire
  • witch
  • mummy
  • werewolf
  • spook
  • black cat
  • pumpkin
  • skeleton
  • Reaper
  • spider
  • zombie
  • Scarecrow
  • devil
  • bat
  • Horror clown
  • Any costume is creepy (for example horror doll, undead Little Red Riding Hood, zombie princess, crashed pilot, zombie cop and so on)
  • Character from a horror movie (for example Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Chuckie the killer doll, the killer from Scream and so on)

Halloween – The Best Quotes and Sayings

You can use the following Halloween quotes and sayings in many ways. We created categories to help you find what you are looking for. Among them, you will find creepy Halloween sayings and movie quotes for adults, for children as well as short Halloween sayings and WhatsApp sayings for young and old. In the end, we even have six short poems for you.

Use the Halloween sayings and quotes, for example, as a new WhatsApp status. You can suggest them to your children as a change from the classic saying “trick or treating” or write them on invitation cards to a Halloween party. You could also make signs with short sayings that the kids will hold up on the candy hunt or use the sayings as text on funny Halloween greeting cards.

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Scary Halloween Quotes and Sayings for Kids

The following Halloween quotes and sayings are particularly suitable for children. They all rhyme and are written easy to understand. In this way, the children can learn the sayings very well by heart and recite them loudly on their forays into the neighbourhood.

It’s nice to have a change from the classic “trick or treat”. Thus, the children can not only stand out from other groups but also recite a new saying every year. It never gets boring. The sayings are cute and not too cheeky so that they don’t reduce the chances of a good loot of candy.

“We are little spirits and we have a master. He ordered us to get sweets.”

“We came here on a broomstick, for us witches, that’s not difficult at all. If we get something sweet, you’ll see us flying!”

“I am the pumpkin spirit, travelled from afar. I’m hungry, very hungry, so give me something to snack on!”

“Today all ghosts are awake, all witches on the roof, monsters sneaking around the house, so quickly give out something sweet!”

“Ringel, ringel, row, the ghost is coming by today. If you want to be careful, put something sweet in the bags!”

“Tonight Halloween monsters are roaming the streets. Put something sweet in here, then they’ll finally stop screaming!”

“Ghosts call hu and ha! Is there anyone here? Is someone trying to chase us away?

Shall we not bother you anymore? Then get sweets for the ghost child, and we’ll be off in no time !”

“Boo here comes the boneman. Also look at the ghosts. Do you want your peace of mind, give them some sweet gifts!”

“The voodoo man is at the door and conjures up bad things. If you leave him sweets at the door, he will do it elsewhere!”

“Spider’s leg and broomstick, this witch doesn’t want much. Just a little on the hand, and the witch ran away!”

“1 and 2 and 3 spirits are all coming! 4 and 5 and 6 now we call the evil hex ‘! 7, 8, 9 and 10, sweets and you see us go!”

“We haunt your house today and make a lot of shouting. If you give us sweets, it’s over quickly!”

“We are the ghosts and knock on the window, we ring the doorbell so that everyone feels fear ! So give us something to nibble on, so we can keep fluttering!”

“We are the little ghosts and like to play with paste, we also like to play with mud and make nonsense with it. If you want us to slip away , you have to give out sweets!”

“This skeleton is not happy and not pleasant, it is too thin and would like to be fat. Give him sweet things, and he can finally laugh again!”

Short Halloween Quotes and Sayings

Short Halloween sayings and quotes are incredibly easy to memorize. There isn’t a lot of text to remember, and the sentences often rhyme. With the help of the melody and the small number of words, even the little ones can quickly remember these sayings. Besides, all short sayings are always suitable for WhatsApp status. Surprise your friends and just send them a voicemail with a short saying about Halloween.

“If you give us something sweet, we will move on to the neighboring house.”

“We are ghosts and like to eat paste. If you don’t want to give me anything sticky sweet, I’ll stay here longer.”

“Today is Halloween night. Ghosts and witches are all awakened.”

“Haunted ghosts around the house, just throw something sweet out quickly!”

“I’m a little pumpkin child and I want sweets – go on, hurry!”

“Sweets, then we won’t be annoying anymore.”

“Put something out, otherwise the house will be haunted!”

“Caramel candy and gummy bear, will you give us something, you will never see us again.”

“Saw a black cat, she’s guarding a candy treasure.”

“I don’t want a squishy pumpkin. Better give me candies of all colors!”

“For Halloween you dress up as a monster. I am Cookie Monster and I want Keeeekse!”

“Zig, zag, twitch, give yourself a jerk. Give me sweets, the best, please!”

“Snail, slime and cat droppings, all I want is bacon!”

“I’m warning you I’m counting to four If you don’t have anything tasty, there’s toilet paper!”

“Werewolves, vampires and witches unite today. They help to hunt our prey, we won’t get such a chance again anytime soon.”

“Ri-ra-slip, my good behavior is gone today! So give me everything that’s tasty, otherwise you’re unlucky, that’s for sure!”

Creepy Halloween Quotes and Sayings

This saying category is more for adults. The selected Halloween quotes and sayings either leave a strange, queasy feeling or are just a little too severe for the fun children have on Halloween. We have selected some movie quotes for you that come from scary films (e.g. Psycho, Shining). When your friends read these quotes, it will likely put them back in the situation they saw the movie and remember how they felt about it.

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Not everyone is scared of creepy sayings; some of your friends will also leave them untouched. But in the end, it’s all about having something suitable for Halloween that you can send or set as WhatsApp status. Unless you intend to confuse your friends with the meaning of the quote, you should always write down where it came from when quoting a movie quote. Otherwise, no one will likely understand.

“Dark ways-lost world, evil angels only chosen here an illusion called night watches high on a black throne.”

“Witches, devils and ghosts move from house to house today. Be sure, they look into your windows too, don’t leave any out.”

“Tony is the little boy in my mouth.”

“I’m coming out of my grave because I’m hungry. Are there bones or blood here? Sweets would be good too.”

“What does a witch do with life … when she can’t witch anymore?”

“TonightTonight, we flee from figures and dead. So watch out, they’re all harbingers of doom.”

“One, two, Freddy will come over. Three, four, he is at the door. Five, six, now the Hex will get you in a moment. Seven, eight, it will be midnight soon. Nine, ten, we want to go to sleep now.”

“Scary, haunted and terrified, there are ghosts tonight who lick their fingers for you.”

 “I know what you did last summer.”

“I see dead people.”

“What’s in the package?”

“No, mother is harmless. She is … she is … she is as harmless as those stuffed birds.”

“Dress up for Halloween, but your mask will fall at some point.”

“I am like a bogus. If you’re not careful I will be your worst nightmare .”

WhatsApp Halloween Quotes and Sayings

We not only love to dress up and wear appropriate clothes for holidays, but we also have a soft spot for adapting our WhatsApp status to the seasons and holidays. Whether a snowman emoji for Christmas or a cool saying in summer, we like to change our status when something new comes along. It’s the same with Halloween sayings. That’s why we’ve put together some great sayings for you that are perfect for the scariest of the holidays.

1. Got some candy?

2. If ghosts roam the streets, then today is probably Halloween.

3. Spider’s foot and toad leg, no one is left alone TonightTonight. We walk the streets together.

4. Temporary not available. I’m on a candy hunt.

5. If you give us something sweet, we’ll move on to the neighbouring house.

6. Happy Halloween!

7. Let’s roam the streets because TonightTonight is Halloween!

8. Ghosts scream, witches laugh, give us sweets; otherwise it’ll crack.

9. Trick or treat!

10. I’m the ghost next door. Give us sweets; otherwise it’s your turn!

11. Have a spooktacular good time.

12. Wild spirits are around today, here and there and around. And they don’t give peace until they get something sweet!

13. Trick or Treat. I like it sweet. Give me something good to eat.

14. Today is Halloween night, ghosts, witches – everyone is awake.

15. The horror sneaks from house to house today and rings everyone out.

Halloween poems

For a sophisticated Halloween festival, the Halloween poems should of course not be missing between sayings, disguises and decorations. They are suitable for invitations to a Halloween party or just as a friendly greeting to a friend or acquaintance via SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail and Co. Since the poems all rhyme and are not too complicated, children will undoubtedly have fun with them to recite it. We even have an English poem for foreign language talents among the children.

1. Haunting ghosts through the streets.  Tonight is Halloween. The horror creeps from house to house and rings everyone out. The beet spirit sent us, and that’s how we got here. We hiss, howl and we scream dance the witches’ ring purse. If you give us something sweet, we’ll move on to the next house.

2. Fear of Ghosts Anyone afraid of ghosts, better hides TonightTonight. Because the probability is high that one of them will show up today. Halloween harbours many dangers and many a nightmare comes true today.

3. Tonight is Halloween, when the wind blows scary, the kids are keen and the sweets vary. Zombies get out your graves, witches and ghosts do not behave, this night is the spooky queen of creatures that are not seen except for Halloween.

4. When pumpkins shine in the night and skeletons roam the streets,When a zombie laughs beautifully and eerily, one is afraid of the other.It has to be like that, and please play along!Because Halloween is currently the hit!

5. One and two, ghosts you are free! Three and four, come, fly through my door! Five and six, instead of vegetables and plants seven and eight, today the children have the power nine and ten, I want to see the sweets!

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The focus of the Halloween festival is the pumpkin. It is hollowed out and grimaced to scare off ghosts. Even in kindergarten, helpers bake pumpkin bread from the inside of the pumpkin. Parents paint the faces of the little ones for Halloween. Why shouldn’t the little ones have just as much fun on Halloween as the others? Memorable and simple two-line characters are needed for kindergarten children. Slightly older children can make four-line Halloween sayings and quotes. The sayings or greetings should be chosen according to the age of the children. Ask your parents or siblings whether they know good Halloween sayings or pick them out on the PC. Tablet and smartphone owners can go looking for cool Halloween sayings and quotes with their tablet, PC or smartphone. You can even use it to pass it on to your friends. You can share particularly scary sayings and quotes about Halloween on Twitter, Whatsapp, or Facebook.