30+ Lovely New Year Wishes for Family

If you are with your family on the eve of a new year, your wait for canapés and cooked oysters with champagne is now over, because you will get many more dishes on the dinner table with most amazing family members.

The New Year 2022 is not like an ordinary year like before, in this year we are going to feel our self-blessed if we are with our family or relative, recently we’ve done overcome from the biggest pandemic and now we are celebrating a new year. So, feel yourself enough lucky to celebrate the New Year with family by sharing good memories at this year.

We have selected the most loving, caring and beautiful quotes wish and greeting messages for your loving family members and relatives. So, go and check this out and pick the quote which you like the most and suitable for your family and relative for wishing New Year with full of joy.

Happy New Year Wishes to Family and Friends

“Upon a smile embrace your life’s crests and troughs. May you have the supreme power? Blessed New Year”

“I wish you 2022 to be a special year, full of good times and great joy, for you and everyone around you. Happy New Year!”

“May 2022 come with the best moments of happiness and may everything be happy for you. Happy New Year 2022”

“2022 is coming to an end and with him, I hope he takes away all the bad stuff so that 2022 comes with the best for you!”

“2022 is already here! May this New Year bring you everything you want! Health, love and even money! In the meantime, we send you our best wishes.”

“Each new year brings its share of surprises! May the year 2022 be a special year for you, Full of sharing and happiness! Best wishes, we hug you very hard.”

“Tonight there will be a star that will shine more than the others. In it, I have put all my good wishes to wish you a happy 2022, make it shine all year long.”

 “Enjoy the little things in life, you may look back one day and realize that they were the big things, Happy New Year.”

“The New Year is like a blank book, the pen is in your hands, your opportunity to write for yourself a lovely tale. Happy Blessed Year.”

New Year Wishes from Our Family to Yours

“I wish you a happy year 2022, surrounded by your family and those you love, May your dreams come true, I also wish you good health, to enjoy this beautiful year 2022, happy new year.”

“For this year, I wish you beautiful surprises and great moments of joy with your family and all the people who matter to you. Best wishes for a happy new year 2022.”

“May this year bring you and your entire family joy, peace and happiness.”

“May this year be for you and your family a joyful journey. Here is the best year to come.”

“Wishing you and your family your 2022 with the most abundant blessings and prosperity in life. Blessed New Year!”

 “I pray for the happiness and well-being of your family and yours. Happy New Year.”

“When seconds to midnight do not ask for fame or fortune. Ask for health to continue living and love so that there are peace and happiness in your life. Happy New Year to everyone!”

“To all, many congratulations for this year, that love is the first when entering your home, that health and work come behind and that every one of us has a lot of love. Happy New Year.”

“I wish you that your life will always be beautiful. May 2022 be your year, may happiness be your ally and may joy embellish your days. I wish you a wonderful year.”

“I wish you a Happy New Year and the year ahead blessed. May the light of God guide you in 2022.”

“This year I thank you for being part of my immense fortune. Happy 2022!”

New Year Best Wishes for Family

“To all our little family, listen carefully, 1 year of happiness, 52 weeks of health, 365 days of happiness. This is what we wish you for this New Year 2022!”

“This year has passed at full speed once again, but one thing is certain: it has been filled with love and happiness! I wish to my family… a Happy New Year just as rich in emotions, smiles, friendships, and beautiful projects! Happy Year 2022!”

“Best wishes and Happy New Year! We wish you the best …To have many sweet dreams, and, with a little luck, to make some of them come true!” 

“Happy New Year everyone. I wish the best to all the people who love me, and especially to you who have had such good times with me.”

“New Year is the moment of the renewal of your happiness. I hope the joyful spirit will always shine in your core! Wish you the best of all!”

“Remember all the nice memories that you created and realize that in the coming year your life is so full of wonders. Happy Year.”

“Happy New Year! May your problems are less, And your blessings are more, and through your door nothing but happiness!”

“This year has been very colourful, but 2022 promises to be just as colourful! For the New Year, we wish you sweet blue dreams, and see life in pink!”

“May this be a year of growth as human beings to face any difficulties that may arise in the future.”

“Happy New Year! A page turns, and a new one begins … 365 days to make all your dreams, projects, and be happy. Awesome, right ?”

Happy 2022! I know it is too early to say hello to the New Year, but I know so many beautiful people that I have decided to start with the most beautiful people.”

“Sincerely hope that you will find the New Year complete of certainties and wise choices. Welcome, 2022 with an open-minded mind and a courageous heart!, Happy 2022.”

“O joy and happiness! It’s the new year! Have you spent a year blah? May the news be bright and full of happiness! Did you have a great year? So the next one is even better!” 

New Year Message and greetings

“At the beginning of the year 2022 all my thoughts are directed towards you and I come to present you with all my wishes for happiness, health, prosperity and love. May 2022 make all your dreams come true. Happy New Year.”

“I will always wish you the best in life. May this year you achieve all your dreams. If you cannot achieve some dreams, it will be because of something or because life will give you a new opportunity to keep trying. Happy New Year!”

“A new page board …Today, January 1st, it’s like a new page that you will use to write the moments of your life, I hope there will be only beautiful moments for this year. I wish you a wonderful new year sister!”

“This phrase is a box of peace full of joy, wrapped with affection, sealed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year! May this year bring you peace, joys and many good moments.”

“May God always be with his hand outstretched and hold you and hold me pointing the right path … they are my best wishes for this year and may love reign, prosperity in your home. Happy New Year 2022.”

 “May 2022 be synonymous with happiness and success for you! We thank you for all the good times spent by your side this year and look forward to the moment when we can celebrate this New Year with you. Best wishes!”

“Even in the darkest hours of your life, I stand beside you with the only candle and all the unenlightened areas are enlightened. With all your happiness, may God show you on the globe! The blessed the Year 2022.”

“May the strength of the soul … illuminate your mind with wisdom, may the love of the heart … water your body with joy, may the feeling … radiate tenderness to your family, may love be the passion … of your infinite search, may it understanding … may the gift be your humility, may a close hug … be the expression of saying “I love you” … These are my wishes in this coming year 2022!”